Villagers vs. Vampire, available on iTunes, Amazon’s App Store, Google Play, and the web, is a tile-matching game with a twist. Our hero is Reggie,

“… a young vegetarian vampire who has found his own castle to live in. But the neighboring villagers are not happy he’s moved in, and they’re going to do something about it.”



As the Villagers storm the castle, scare them away by matching and using the Allies you’ve collected. Summon flocks of bats, swarms of rats, and hordes of zombies against the angry Villagers and send them running for home!

Sample Game Board

To collect items on the game board, simply draw a path in any direction through three or more matching tiles. After every match, the Villagers march closer, increasing the chance of attacks.

If you scare away all of the angry Villagers before their attacks break through your defenses, you will move on to the next Level.

Choose to increase your Health, Defense, or Coin value at the end of every Level. Spend your Coins on valuable Upgrade Points, and use in-game Bonuses to turn the odds in your favor!

Villagers Vs. Vampire is a puzzle game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Android (Amazon’s App Store and Google Play), and the Web. You can play our online version here: Play Online!